Local Heroes

In the summer of 2017 Selena was invited to create a body of work inspired by her homeland, the Highlands of Scotland for Rudolstadt World Folk music festival in Germany. The following works encompass her classic style of experimental abstract mark-making married together with representational iconic landmarks, a contemporary view on the traditional landscape format.


“Landmark”  61x81cms SOLD




“The wood for the trees”   30x40cms   SOLD




“Caledonian Dusk”   30x20cms SOLD



‘Alba’ Oil on Wood 30x30cms SOLD


‘Anchored’ Oil on Wood 60x50cms SOLD



‘Sisters in Arms’ oil on wood 100x80cms



‘The Haar’ oil on wood 71x61cms SOLD

The Haar is a Scottish phrase used to describe a cold sea mist that drifts in from the North Sea along the east coast. Findhorn beach on the North East coast of Scotland was the inspiration for this painting where I often felt the haar kissing my cheeks. Here, the warmer moist air is rolling in from the North over the cooler waters of the Moray Firth.


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