Portrait Commissions

This page is designed to make it easier for you when thinking about commissioning a portrait.

Things to consider:

– Who and what would you like to be in the portrait?
Is the painting of you, a friend, a family member or would
you like more than one person. Do you have a beloved pet,
possession or location that you would like to be included. Is
the subject available and willing to sit for their portrait
Or do you simply have a photo to work from.

– Is the portrait from photography alone or portrait sittings?
The number of sittings required from life is usually between
two to three sittings of about 1.5 to 2 hours. The use of
Photos will shorten this to just one sitting. Alternatively,
a portrait can be painted from photographs alone.

– What is your budget?
This will define the size of your portrait. The price range
begins at €400 for a small painting from a photograph to over
€15,000 for larger works from life.

– What size would you like the portrait to be?
All works are oil on wood and are delivered unframed. For
this reason, sizes start at 15x20cms and go up to a maximum
size of 80x100cms.

– Is there a special date it needs to be completed by?
The time it takes to complete a painting varies depending on
the answers to the above questions. Small works can be
delivered fairly quickly if painted largely from photographs
But larger works from life can take up to 6 months to
complete. For birthdays & anniversaries etc please make
sure you take this into consideration.
Estimated length of time is from a minimum of 1 month to 6

Once all the details are established a quote will be given to you. The artist fee plus delivery,travel and accommodation is included in the price. A deposit is required before work commences and a second final payment on completion of the commission.
Once the painting is completed a digital image can be sent to you for approval before the work is handed over.

*all copyright belongs to the artist, even after the work has been finished and delivered.

For more information, or to receive a quote, please contact
Selena Mowat.