In the studio


Preparing for ‘Local Heroes’ exhibition 2017

Selena works predominantly with oil paint directly onto specially prepared wood. The ground of the wood dictating where the paint lies. She begins in an abstract fashion, pouring, splattering, mixing and layering colour until the painting itself reveals what it should become next.



‘Green Velvet Dawn’ 200x200cms Dec 2017- from initial concept to finished painting

Green Velvet Dawn began with a khaki yellow green base which I drew onto with richer shades of blue and green oil colour mixes with a palette knife. Originally I was looking at creating a composition with dense forestry using layered marks with various tools and building an environment that was immersive, something you could get lost in, visually and metaphorically. As the painting developed, this wall of leaves began to fall down from the top of the painting, creating a curtain for the viewer to hide underneath whilst looking out at the horizon in the distance. The painting was originally started in Rudolstadt, Germany and later completed at the Glebe Gallery in Donegal, Ireland in the winter of 2017.


Selena in her Studio in Germany.






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